Room by Room: Kitchen Makeover (More Pictures)

Before: A microwave that took up precious counterspace, and too much drinkware that isnt used. We were able to free up the top shelf of the cupboard for storage containers and infrequently used items. The microwave and utensil crock moved onto the new microwave cart.

Before: An awkwardly shaped cupboard in the corner. We were able to pare down and relocated some of the dishes, and use this space for small appliances that aren't used too often: blender, waffle iron, George Foreman grill, etc.

Before: Linen storage under the sink, which is an inconvenient height for frequently used dishcloths and bibs. Those items are now in a basket on the microwave cart and this area was freed up for pots and pans and less frequently used items.

Before: This cabinet had to be completely emptied for the permanent dishwasher to be installed. Items were sorted and relocated within the kitchen.