Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Free Organization Services Giveaway

I will be giving away three hours of free organizing services during the month of August. If you are in Berks, Bucks or Montgomery County, PA, please leave a comment about why you need organizing help at your home or office! The best story will win. Contest ends Friday, August 20 at midnight EDT. (Please note, comments are set to be moderated, so they won't post immediately.)


  1. I need your help, Christina! I am in the great recipe organization debate of 2010!

    I'm desperately searching for a way to streamline my recipes and come up with a system that works for me that is MAINTAINABLE! I think I need a system for recipes to try and a system for recipes that are my favorites. My old method does not work because my recipes are out of control!

    Would love your help and thoughts on this big mess, so PICK ME! :)

    Erin P

  2. So I know some of you out there aren't posting because you are worried what I'll think. Please don't fret! If there's enough interest here, I promise to run another giveaway. You guys are my test cases; if you like my services and I find that this work is a good fit for me, I'll jump in and launch a business. So, honestly, by entering this contest, you are helping me gauge the market.
    Thanks! Christina

  3. I'd love help in organizing my kitchen cabinets to be the most efficient. I have such few cabinets and I'm always unpiling dishes to find the dish or pan that I want. Help would be great! =)

    I have a feeling that the decision to pick someone will be difficult!!!