Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lost Keys

I can't believe it. I lost a set of keys!

They were a spare set, but still. I pride myself on having a good system in the foyer so that this doesn't happen. It's not appropriate to blame my two-year-old for moving them, is it? Since I went and had a new set made this morning, I'm sure they will turn up later this week!

One of the first things we bought for this house was an entryway set with a matching table, mirror and lamp. This was in part because we have a pretty large foyer compared to the rest of our house. Plus, it was important to me that there was a place to set things when coming home, or set things that needed to go out (library books, mail, etc.). It's easier for me to remember what needs to go out the door if it's nearby.

After we set up that nice entry table, I also found a bowl to put keys in. That bowl of keys has become sort of a toy these days (whose toddler doesn't love to repeatedly lock and unlock the car with a remote?) but for five and a half years, that was an easy way to keep track of keys. The idea would also work nicely for hubby's wallet and cell phone, but it's never really caught on. :)

Well, here's hoping I find those keys!

Update: these keys were found lurking in the diaper bag, of all places. :)

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