Friday, November 18, 2011

Priorities, Priorities...

Here's a quote that I, in my orderly nature, find a bit hard to swallow:

"If all we needed to follow was a plan, we'd have no need to follow Jesus."

I'm sure that if you are here reading this, you are somewhat like me and thrive on planning. Or at least, you desire to be a bit more on top of things in your life. How would I know how to shape my week without looking over the calendar, listing out chores to be done (even if just mentally), and considering the people and things that are seeking my attention?

Glynnis Whitwer, author and inspirational speaker, recently shared a great post about the myth of multi-tasking, which tied in with a devotional on seeking God's agenda for our day. Reading these articles really challenged me as an organizer and as a Christian. There are countless things that I can accomplish in a day (provided I have the energy) but are all of them worthwhile?

I can constantly follow my toddler around the house, picking up, wiping and straightening, but is having a pristine home the ultimate accomplishment for my day? (If it was, how would I have learned that he loves to take a cloth and wipe up messes?) 

I love to watch a certain TV show during his naptime, but isn't it a better use of my time to rest, call a friend or do some chores I'd rather not be doing while he's awake and wants to play?

May I challenge you today, dear reader, that while a plan, a checklist, accomplishments and cleanliness are all worthwhile and sometimes even fun, they are not necessarily the end goal? Nay, let an orderly home with good systems in place be what makes you quick about the "have-to-do's" of life so that you have time leftover for the really meaningful stuff.

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