Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I'm concerned that by reading my blog you might get the impression I have it all together. That is most definitely not the case!

Today is a prime example of why, no matter how organized I try to be, I still need grace. And today, I received it in some of the most unexpected ways.

Things that went "wrong":
  • I neglected to write out my grocery list in the order of the store layout, like I usually do. Thus, I backtracked multiple times, and went through the checkout twice. (I saw an awesome mini-lacrosse set for my oldest son on the way out. I mentally had this on my list, but of course, forgot because I didn't write it down.)
  • My husband forwarded along a notice from mint.com that we'd been issued a $25 late fee on my credit card.
  • Just minutes after reading that message, I dropped my Kindle and now only the top half of the screen works. The bottom half is forever set to a Sherlock Holmes mystery. Agh! And I am the girl who is on my fourth cell phone in a year.
  • Both of my beautiful boys kept waking each other up from naps. We totaled three unhappily-ended naps, one of which lasted a whopping ten minutes.
Really, it could have been a worse day. There were some highlights like a visit from a friend and the sweet hug my son gave me when I just about broke down in tears about the late bill and Kindle.

I am learning to be a grown-up and just 'fess up and own my mistakes, though it's really painful to admit that I do stupid things.

First, I emailed the folks at my credit card company and sweetly asked why they don't send paperless statements like nearly every other company I pay on a monthly basis. After all, I had compared every item on the bill to my receipts, and then scanned it in for my records, but somehow didn't pay it. Ugh! Though they did not apologize for their policy (read: archaic ways) they waived the fee. 

Stay tuned; I may have to investigate if there's another card with similar rewards AND paperless statements.

Also, unexpectedly, the very nice man who I spoke with at Amazon told me that they will send me a new Kindle and it will be free, so long as I ship back the busted one. Is that a happy day or what?!? Now I can help Sherlock figure out whodunit.

And yes, I also managed not to yell at my kids for the premature wake-ups. :)

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