Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Grace Again

Do you recall my confession post?

Once again I find myself in a similar situation: I lost my phone.

This is one of the reasons that I don't have a smartphone. Let me recount the history of my cell phone fatalities: washing machine "ride", thrown down the basement steps by my eldest son, died for no apparent reason, dropped on the sidewalk and cracked the screen, and now, MIA.

In my mind, it's just not worth investing in anything too nice until I get this problem under control. Fortunately, the much-younger-than-me employees at the wireless dealer didn't make fun of me. They just gave me a new SIM card. For free. Oh, and they also gave me an admonishment to consider buying a protection plan.

For now, that new SIM card is in the phone with the cracked screen. I’m hoping and praying the old phone turns up. If not, you can believe I’ll be buying another unfancy phone. Hopefully it will last awhile.

Do you have any tips on how you keep your phone safe and healthy, especially when leaving the house involves many bags and small children?

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